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 What Is Infrared Heating? Infrared heating is a revolutionary method of heating your indoor or...

    What Is Infrared Heating?

  • Infrared heating is a revolutionary method of heating your indoor or outdoor space. It is far more efficient than traditional heating methods, and it looks far better than a clunky radiator, too. Your heating can actually become part of your interior design, rather than just obstructing you doing more with it. It heats your space in a completely different way, too. It heats the objects in the room, rather than the air around it, which requires less energy.

    In fact, it can actually save you around 60% on your heating bills! It works by firing infrared beams around the room, which bounce off of any objects in the room, leaving them warmed. This is far more efficient than heating the air around it, as traditional heating methods do. This is because they cause convectional currents, which is where the warm air rises, cools, and falls again. This can also promote dust circulation, mould growth and cold spots.

    This is how infrared heating is more efficient, and better for your health. Infrared heating is also completely safe, despite the word ‘radiation’ sounding scary. Infrared waves have a number of different uses, whether it’s for heating, laser quest, night vision camera, or your TV remote control. Our own bodies give off infrared radiation, and it’s the same heat that the sun provides. There’s no nasty side effects, and no UV radiation, either.

Length=1540 mm
Wide 150 mm
Height=65 mm

Long wave infrared (LWIR)

Properties & dimensions
• On / off switch on the device side via toggle switch
• Weatherproof housing with black powder coating
• Extra-long heating element: 165 cm wide spotlight for effective heating of entire party tables
• Remote control with key lock and ECO mode for switching off the display
• Thermostat and thermocouple for monitoring the ambient temperature
• Adjustable heating power for ambient temperatures between 5 and 45 ° C (1 ° C steps)
• Shutdown timer programmable by the hour between 1 and 9 hours
• Protection class: IP44
• Includes mounting material
• IR Comfort Heat technology: targeted heat release to people and objects and not to the environment
• Dark spotlight: does not attract mosquitoes
• Power supply: 220-240 V ~ / 50-60 Hz
• Dimensions: approx. 154 x 6.5 x 15 cm (WxHxD)
• Weight: approx. 6.2 kg
        • For indoor/Outdoor, Bathroom. Bedroom, Kitchen , Patio, Conference room
• Powerful heat on the terrace: efficient infrared radiant heaters with 2400 W power
• Smart measuring technology: built-in thermostat and a heat sensor for checking the outside temperature
• Targeted heating: infrared technology with long-wave heat radiation (dark radiation) and high heat yield thanks to IR               Comfort Heat technology
• Robust and weatherproof: sturdy, powder-coated housing made of die-cast aluminium with protection class IP44
• Shutdown timer: programmable, automatic shutdown of the device within a period of 1 to 9 hours
• Accurate: precise adjustment of the desired temperature between 5 and 45 ° C
• Simple and convenient: easy operation via remote control with adjustable ambient temperature
• Flexible installation: suitable for wall or ceiling installation, includes installation material

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