Electric Hot Water Heater Mini Tankless Instant 6.5KW Multipoint LCD


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UKEW Inta Heat

Electric Hot Water Heater Tankless Instant 6.5LW Multipoint LCD: Enjoy instant, endless hot water right...

  • Electric Hot Water Heater Tankless Instant 6.5LW Multipoint LCD: Enjoy instant, endless hot water right at your fingertips. This state-of-the-art water heater is suitable for 2 outlets and ideal for any household or commercial setting.

  • Automatic Memory Function: This water heater remembers your previous settings, saving you the hassle of adjusting the temperature every time. Say goodbye to unnecessary guesswork!

  • LED Display: The built-in, easy-to-read LED display ensures precise control over the temperature. You'll always know the exact temperature of your hot water supply.

  • Leakage Protection: Safety first! The integrated leakage protection system offers peace of mind by preventing water wastage and potential water damage.

  • Overheat Protection: Rest easy knowing that this heater is designed with a fail-safe overheat protection feature. This technology prevents the unit from reaching dangerous temperatures, enhancing its lifespan and your safety.

  • Built-In Pressure Relief Valve: The pressure relief valve protects the water heater from excessive pressure build-up, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

  • Adaptable Temperature Control: The output temperature is dependent on the cold mains temperature and flow rate. Adjust the flow at the taps to control the temperature: decrease for warmer water, increase for cooler water.

  • Perfectly Sized: With dimensions of 150X185X70mm, this water heater is compact enough to fit in any space while still providing a robust hot water supply.

  • High Standard Compliant: This water heater complies with IP 25 standard, ensuring its safety against water and dust ingress. It's also CE CB certified, meaning it's tested and approved for safety and performance in Europe.

Choose the Electric Hot Water Heater Tankless Instant 6.5LW Multipoint LCD for a seamless, efficient, and safe hot water solution. Always select the kW rating carefully to ensure suitable rise and flow rates for your needs.

Height : 18cm
Width: 8cm
Length: 20cm

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